General Information about Cookies

Cookies are small text files which are sending to the browsers. Cookies never contain personal information. Also, the use of cookies, is not granting any kind of access to your documents and files of your computer.

The use of cookies helps the website storing information about your visit, by collecting useful data regarding your search and browser preferences. As a result, during your next visit in our website, the search and browsing experience will be optimized.

Relevant Cookies

During your browsing in the website, some cookies may be stored in your computer from third party services like:

  • for data analyisis and statistics about the amount and technican information and preferences of visitors and about the way they browse the website (e.g. analytics). Specifically for Google Analytics, if they exists in website, they are anonymized.
  • for commercial reasons (e.g. google adwords, facebook pixel, etc.)
  • for social media/social networking or for any other form of internet marketing and presentation via the website (e.g. facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, google+, skype, linkedin, etc)
  • for embedding videos and maps (e.g. youtube, vimeo, google maps, etc)
  • for provision of service about finding or reaching the business via map (e.g. google maps, foursquare, etc)
  • for sharing any kind of information (e.g. via pdf, excel, word, txt, etc).
  • for any other auxiliary tools (e.g.  Live Chat)

Disabling Cookies

You can disable the cookies of the website using the corresponding option which can be found in all of its pages and also, the third party cookies using the settings of your browser.

For more information about disabling the cookies, visit the official website of your browser.

More Information

If you have any additional questions about the cookie policy of the website, you can send us an e-mail or fill up a contact form.